Congratulations. That may sound weird but this is a huge milestone. For many of our clients, obtaining an Orlando Divorce opens the door to a much happier and more prosperous future for them. It all starts with calling our office right away to get started.

Coming to the point of applying for a divorce takes courage, and shows that you are ready to move on with your life and start another chapter. At this point you may have settled all your matrimonial issues and are ready to get this finalized…

Or maybe not…

It’s possible you don’t know that you can’t get an Orlando divorce without first going through mediation.

So, whether you are at the beginning of the process or at the end, it’s confusing. We are an experienced Orlando Divorce Team and can walk you through the process. Call us, let’s get started right away. But before that though, just note:

Whether you have settled everything or not, our Orlando Divorce Team will take your hand and guide you through the process, all the loopholes, all the confusion, and all the mistakes you may make if you didn’t have an Orlando Divorce Attorney. Because knowing what NOT TO DO is just as important as knowing what TO DO. You have rights! But so does your spouse.

For example… Did you know, in Florida, nonpayment of child support IS NOT a reason to deny your spouse visitation? And doing so could jeopardize your case and potential verdict in court.

Yes, divorce is complicated, and, unfortunately… expensive. I don’t deny that. But this may in fact be the most important decision of your life, with the possibility of repercussions for decades. We have seen this first hand in so many cases, without a doubt. You only have one shot at this, because if you mess up, the modification process can be much more costly, and substantially less effective. If you cheap out on a lawyer, you may lose way more than you spend on them. We say this not even needing your business… we have enough. But please read the information below, don’t assume it will be all you need. When you are caught up in an Orlando Contested Divorce or Orlando Uncontested Divorce, talk to us before you take any steps that are final or sign any paperwork.


Types of Orlando Divorce:


Welcome to Florida! Florida is a no-fault state, meaning you do not have to have a reason for a divorce. Even though you don’t need a reason, sometimes the reason may be a huge factor in determining, who gets what time with the children, who gets what assets, who pays who for child support and alimony, and how much.

Let our experienced team help you understand your rights! And let you know where you may be at an advantage or disadvantage. Call Us Today!

Generally, there are two types of divorces, Uncontested and Contested. We will explain both in quick detail below:

Uncontested Orlando Divorce

If you meet this criteria consider yourself lucky. If both you and your spouse are amicable and reasonable, you will reach a settlement on all issues. In this case, all you need to do is prepare a marital settlement agreement and a parenting plan (if you have children), and ask for an Orlando Divorce.

In Orlando Divorces, there would be just 1 court appearance by just 1 spouse after submitting the paperwork and at this hearing the judge signs the order. In some local counties, a final hearing is not required! An Uncontested Orlando Divorce essentially means you agree on everything, including child support, child custody arrangements, spousal support, and property and debt division.

Could you do this on your own?    Sure.

Should you?   NO.

Here’s the reason: There is still a lot of paperwork that you need to fill out and submit and every time you submit paperwork to the courts it takes time for review. If anything is wrong it will get rejected and you have to start over again. Each time they only tell you the first thing that was wrong, not everything that may have been wrong. Sometimes you fall into an endless cycle of submit and reject.

Contested Orlando Divorce

A contested divorce does not mean you contest the actual divorce, but rather the terms of your divorce which relate to money, assets, and custody. The terms of your divorce will then need to be determined by a judge. In some instances, you and your spouse may ultimately be able to reach a divorce agreement through mediation, which is always the goal. In fact, most divorces settle before trial. Although our Orlando Divorce Team does all it can to avoid a costly, time-consuming trial, we are prepared to litigate your case in court, if necessary, to protect your rights. Taking a case to court or even trial is something Attorney Erin Morse never backs down from, if it is in the best interest of our clients, we will aggressively pursue it.

Contested Orlando Divorce simply means that you are not able to resolve all of the issues necessary to proceed in a fully separate life from your spouse. The 6 main issues which need to be resolved before being able to obtain a divorce are:

  1. Property Division

  2. Asset Division

  3. Debt Division

  4. Spousal Support

  5. Child Support

  6. Child Custody also known as time sharing

So just call us!

For a small fee we can handle the paperwork for you. Let our Orlando Divorce Team at the Law offices of Erin Morse guide you through the paperwork process, file your paperwork with the courts, and give you a thorough review of the ramifications of the decisions/agreements you made. Again, we charge a simple fee to handle the process for you. Call Us Today!

How we can help to resolve your Orlando Divorce?

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