Orlando child support is the right of the child. It’s not your right, it’s not your spouse’s right…

So, when you think of child support, think about your Child benefiting from it. Even if you think a large portion of child support is being spent on your ex and not just the child.

What it all comes down to is the income of the parties. When your income is at a certain level, the Florida Statute governs how much money is designated for the support of a child. And trust us, we always underestimate just how expensive it is to raise a child in Orlando and Central Florida.

You need to make sure you are either paying or receiving the right amount of child support.

Orlando child support is a very complex area of law simply because children have so many different expenses, and there are a number of expenses which are considered, and a number of expenses that will not be considered. If a parent chooses not to work in order to avoid child support, he or she can face extreme consequences for such a decision. In Florida income can be ‘imputed’ if someone is willfully underemployed or unemployed. Child support is also very complex when it comes to calculating the income of self-employed parents; in that case there is often some concern that the self-employed person may fail to disclose, or flat out hide assets and income.

The Discovery Process is an essential part of determining Child Support. You need an experienced Orlando Family Law Attorney by your side to make sure you are paying or receiving your fair share.

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Orlando Child Support Guidelines

Florida has a Child Support Guidelines Worksheet which is based on a formula set forth by the State of Florida and determines a presumptive amount an able-bodied parent should be contributing to the support of the minor child.

The things which can be considered in calculating child support are limited. For example, medical expenses such as the amount of health insurance, including dental and vision as well as any uncovered medical expenses for children with ongoing medical issues or co-pays. Whichever parent is the payer of these expenses will be credited for the same in calculating child support in Florida.

Another expense which is considered is the cost of childcare for the child or children. Daycare costs are credited to the parent paying that cost as well. Additionally, Children with special needs and children who may have a source of income of their own (such as child stars or children with trust funds) have additional complex financial considerations which effect the amount of child support parents will be responsible for.

Lastly, the time sharing and the number of overnights are considered in the calculation for child support. This is where the time sharing of the parents with the minor child becomes important. Not only is time sharing important for raising a child and building a strong relationship, but there is an inherent increased cost to having a child live in two homes with two complete households prepared for raising a child.

Some of the factors that are not considered by Florida in calculating child support: the amount of your rent or mortgage. Although this is an expense everyone likely has to incur, it will not be considered to lower the amount of child support someone is obligated to pay. Secondly, the amount of your car loans, student loans, credit cards, or other expenses and bills you have to pay will not be considered for either increasing or decreasing child support in Florida. So, other bills or fluctuations in expenses will not play a role in calculating your child support obligation.

 Ultimately, having an experienced Orlando Family Law Attorney is incredibly important to ensure that child support is calculated correctly.

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